Who is DogBold?

Dan’s real name is Daniel who himself is an owner of 3 dogs. Professionally he’s a dog trainer and behaviorist from New Zealand. Dan himself trains his own dogs and also consults with the owners of the dog by visiting their homes providing solutions for the unpredictable behaviors of dog. He is also known for his videos whose main objective is to tell you “HOW TO BE A DOG TRAINER” he has an effective approach to dog’s and knows very well How to have a gentle approach to your dog’s. He reveals many of the best secrets to tackle your pet. His economical, gentle and positive methods give you an amazing result.

The videos are knowledge enriched

The video’s he makes are likable, can be implemented on every dog and is rich of knowledge. His videos are skilled and will definitely make a difference in the life of owner and dog. Dan surrounding your dog through his videos is a good choice. He has an approval from New Zealand. The content is full of fun and entertainment that makes the videos enjoying. He’s a successful trainer that will make you feel that your dogs are being schooled. Anyone who is seeking for a gentle rescue for his dog, I would recommend them to watch videos for better assistance. His methods and techniques are easiest to shape your dog’s behavior.

I prefer video’s over e books?

Because his videos are very detailed and comprehensive that is very helping for training and guiding your dog. Frankly, you can find everything you’ve been looking for that is entertaining as well. You won’t get bored anyway. You are likely to find the answer in every video but still, if you have any question you can ask your question online. Instead of finding solutions in a book, send him your dog’s video and he will address the issue and then find the solution for you. It’s very hard to put a book into practice. Through videos, you’re provided a step by step guide.

Establish yourself as a gentle owner

The strategies and tips that are provided through his videos will help you establish as a calm leader for your dog that will most probably put the full stop to his stressful and aggressive behavior. DogBold with easy, effective, simple and understandable methods that really work.

Screaming won’t work

Screaming is not the solution to tackle your dog.  It’s just like you are using negative reinforcement or punishment to decrease their negative behavior. They can make mistakes like the human but that doesn’t mean they deserve pain in return. They may lose trust on you and start defending themselves by biting you. DogBold VIDEOS have easiest rules to let your dog pay obedience to your command without using any punishment or negative reinforcement techniques that could possibly leave them to suffer pain.


Using gentle methods to train your dog is a better way to have a bond you always wanted to develop between you and your dog. With his proven methods you can have an obedient, enthusiastic and loving best friend; your dog. Your dog will learn all basics and essentials without using any painful technique.